Recovering the ‘Old Style’ Scottish Angus

By using Vintage Semen, closed herds and select sources

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Upcoming Embryo Projects

The embryo projects described below are for the restorative genetics of the original ‘Old World’ Scottish Angus that first came to America, some of which are Vintage Angus lines being offered for the first time.

  • We produce only ET type embryos (the original technology). They cost more to produce, but they have the highest conception rates, averaging consistently 70% at our farm.
  • Our donor cow line is highly fertile producing high numbers embryos.
  • We sell only grade #1 embryos

Embryos sired by Native Origin Angus Sires Dunlouise Kinsman, Dunlouise Newman S615 and Dunlouise Curve Bender S611

Embryos sired by Sire Algoma Bardoliermere 46, an ABS Semen Catalog Sire of the early 60’s.

Embryos sired by the Vintage Sire Spur Emulous Master, the world’s first Golden Certified Meat Sire.
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