Faith Valley Farm - Old Style Scottish Angus

Recovering the ‘Old Style’ Scottish Angus

By using Vintage Semen, closed herds and select sources


Old Angus Photos

Little Kay Davis with her Angus steer, 1946

Pen of 50 Aberdeen Angus steers, 1940s
John Wayne admires a Ch. Angus Bull. 1968
Johnny and Lyndal Childress with two Ch. Aberdeen Angus steers, 1940s
Grand Ch. Aberdeen Angus steer, 1959 being considered for a Raw Hide episode
Angus Bull, 1966
Res. Ch. and Gr.Ch. Aberdeen Angus bulls, 1940s
Ch. Aberdeen Angus cow, 1966
Ch. Aberdeen Angus Bull, Southwest Utah, 1968
Walter and Cora McCurry with one of their Angus heifers, Sept. 1953
Aberdeen Angus Heifer, 1966
Top Aberdeen Angus Heifer, 1967
Gr.Ch. Aberdeen Angus Heifer,1950's
Oooops! How'd he get in there. Champion Hereford Bull, 1954
Grand Ch. Aberdeen Angus steer, 1967
Grand Ch. Aberdeen Angus steer, 1963
Young Aberdeen Angus bulls being shown at Desoto Parish, Louisiana, Spring Show, 1946
St. Joseph Interstate Show, 1950's
Ch. Aberdeen Angus steer, So. West Utah, 1967
Top Aberdeen angus steer, 1966
Ch. Aberdeen Angus Bull, 1968
Ch. Aberdeen Angus steer, 1962
Mr. Roebling with Blackcapmere, his prize Aberdeen Angus Bull, 1930's
Grandma 1950
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