Recovering the ‘Old Style’ Scottish Angus

By using Vintage Semen, closed herds and select sources

Faith Valley Farm

Recovering the ‘Old Style’ Angus

Growing up in the 50’s and 60’s, I admired those Angus cattle of my youth and regretted seeing them all but go extinct, and they would have, had it not been for what has been recovered from semen tanks and the last remaining closed herds. They were a sturdy moderately sized cattle well suited for a grass only system. I believe that there is a place for this ‘Old Style’ phenotype with their square build, moderate size and easy fleshing. The ability of this original ‘Old Style’ Angus to convert second class forage into high quality beef without the need for high grain supplementation is still needed today. Their moderate size allows for a higher stocking rate, making them the perfect choice for small family farms or anyone else looking to increase pasture efficiency. We are recovering and producing that moderate framed ‘Old Style’ Angus by using a modern-day source from Scotland that promotes their cattle as being the recovered lineage of rare native cow family lines.

These original moderately sized Angus native to Scotland make the perfect baseline for our breeding efforts and are quite marketable in their own right for their historic Cow Family line value and genetics. We have also been very fortunate to obtain Vintage American Angus semen from some of the leading herd sires of the early 60’s era, some of which are truly world renown and hold a permanent place in Angus history as the world’s first multi-generational ‘100% Certified Meat Sire’ line. As do the entire world’s full-blooded registered Angus, our Angus lines also trace their lineages back to the very founding of the breed; refer to our History Page for Cow and Sire Line lineages.

Faith Valley’s Goal

To recover the original moderately sized, heavy fleshing Angus cattle that first populated America’s farms and ranches, by using the original vintage genetics discovered in semen tanks in both America and Scotland and also cattle from verified lineages and herds closed since 1969 or earlier, having no modern day genetic influence.

Faith Valley’s primary Product – Restoration Genetics

Through the sale of vintage Angus embryos, donor quality cows, heifers and select bulls. Our Cow Line has produced a prolific number of high quality embryos with strong conception rates and we anticipate the daughters to carry that genetic propensity forward.

Faith Valley’s ‘Old World’ Scottish Angus Cows

Are moderate frame score 4 to 5 cattle, that are thick and meaty and best of all fatten on grass with very little supplementation. The proof is in the pudding their moderate size really does allow for a higher stocking rate and a greater return for the acreage. They can be easily overfed and over conditioned, which is a problem that most operators would love to have.
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