Classic Hereford Restoration

The British Rare Breeds Survival Trust Watch List has added Traditional Hereford cattle to the list of British endangered breeds as a Category 5, Minority.

So when Faith Valley discovered some of the last known ampoules of Classic Hereford bull semen, we simply couldn’t resist the opportunity to be part of the restoration effort.

Nostalgia - Old Hereford Photos


The actor John Wayne shown with heifer

Champion Hereford Bull, est 60’s  

Champion Hereford Bull, 1954

Brookview Farm, Kentucky, 50’S

Brookview Farm, Kentucky, 50’S

National WSS, est 50’s

Prized Show cow, 50’s

Polled Bull – Harmon , est 40’s

Ardno Herefords - Proven Performance, 50’s

T. Mellow, Polled Hereford Bull, 50’s

King Husker, Gr Chm Bull, est 40’s

Larry Domino 15, Chm Bull, est 50’s

Prized Hereford steer, est 40’s

Show Herefords, est 40’s

Stoney, est 40’s


Spokan Stock Show, est 40’s

Show Bull pictured with British
actress Patricia Dainton , est 50’s

Hereford bull, est. early 40’s

Hereford bull in the snow,
est. late 30’s to early 40’s

Wyoming Hereford Ranch, est. 40’s

Evaluating the cows, est. 40’s

Traditional British Herefords, est. 40’s

Traditional British Hereford, est. 60’s

N.E.DON PERFECT 8th - Ch. Bull, 1959
New Eden Polled Herefords, Comanche Co., Ks

Lazy D Hereford Ranch
registered HEREFORDS since 1932

Hereford Bull, Broken Bow, NE
1943, sold for $8,200.00

Silver Anxiety 2nd, Hereford Bull,
est. 40’s

Gr. Ch. Beau Randolph No. 418893

Ch. Polled Hereford Bull, est. 60’s

Ch. Polled Heifer, Houston 1969

Ch. Horned Hereford Bull, Fort Worth 1969

First Prize carload Hereford Bulls, Colorado, 1946

Ch. Polled Hereford Bull, est. 50’s

Ch. Horned Hereford Heifer, 1961

Ch. Horned Hereford Bull, South TX 1958

Gr. Ch. Hereford Bull, Amarillo, Tx. Est 50’s

Ch. Polled Bull, Houston, TX., 1969

Photo from earlier times – (Bull, Cow & Calf)

Ch. Polled Hereford Bull, est. 50’s

Ch. Polled heifer, est. 50’s

Real Silver Domino 44th,
Record Price Bull

Bonnie Prince, Sr. Grand Campion
Gist Hereford Ranch, est. 40’s

Champion Bull, Wichita Falls, TX.,
est. 60’s