Recovering the pure Scottish Angus

"The Native Origin Angus are on the critically endangered list"

-Quote from the Rare Breeds Survival Trust Watch list, Spring 2009-

Sire Lines

Dunlouise Jipsey Earl
From Angus, Scotland
Dunlouise Red Ensign 814X
From Angus, Scotland
Dunlouise Red Native F207
From Angus, Scotland
Dunlouise Cup Bearer H283
From Angus, Scotland
Roberto of Newcroft
From Angus, Scotland
Bangle of Wye UMF 9480
From University of Maryland, Queenstown, Md

DUNLOUISE KINSMAN – REG: AAA 147634O3, Born June 30, 1997 in Angus, Scotland Faith Valley has had tremendous success with this sire. On our first collection, we produced 39 quality embryos from him, and to not have any surviving photos of him was a shame. As an artist I decided to provide this concept of KINSMAN, based upon the observable characteristics of his sire JUMOR ERIC OF ABERNYTE (born June 3, 1962). This was accomplished by projecting his sire’s head and massive thickness, along with the notable depth of hind quarter onto KINSMAN’s portrayal. I basically reproduced JUMOR with more refinement, by the blending of JUMOR with KINSMAN’S own son WOODSTONE KINSMAN. This portrayal is DUNLOUISE KINSMAN and may be used for reference in stock sales of his progeny and their promotion.

Sire of Dunlouise Kinsman
Jumor Eric of Abernyte
Born June 3, 1962 in Scotland